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Tip: 3 Foolproof Social Media Marketing Tips

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The social media scene can be overwhelming. When you’re implementing social media in your marketing strategy, it helps to know where to start. As more and more consumers turn toward social media for company reviews, information, and questions, it becomes one of the most effective ways to get in front of potential home buyers.

  • Choose the right platform. Should you focus on Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Pinterest? Not every platform will work for every business type and brand messaging. You should choose based on what your customers are using, and a platform you feel comfortable utilizing.
  • Get comfortable. Once you decide between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform, you’ll need to be comfortable engaging your customers. You will need to interact with your client base on a regular basis. This means engaging at all levels, including regular posting, responding to comments, and answering questions.
  • Learn how to optimize. Using social media will not guarantee results. You’ll need to learn how to optimize your strategy. Always use a real and professional photo so your clients can make that human connection and you can begin to build trust. Also, link to your website and make contact information readily available.

Optimizing your social media profiles, choosing the right platforms, and consistently posting and engaging with your client base are all critical tips to follow to get the most out of your social media marketing.

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