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Things to do BEFORE you buy a home.

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Whether it is your first home or you’re already a homeowner, there are some critical thing you should do before a move to a new place. Here are 13 things that will help make your next move easier. thingstodobeforebuying

  1. Know your credit score. Your score
  2. Get pre-approved by a local mortgage broker before shopping
  3. Know every expense beyond the mortgage – insurance, repairs, association fees, property tax, etc.
  4. Work with a skilled real estate agent that knows your area.
  5. Understand the actual value of any property you are buying
  6. Verify all the information in the listing
  7. Use a reputable home inspector
  8. Make sure all renovations are up to code
  9. Understand any Home Owners Association that you will be part of
  10. Look for water-related problems
  11. Have a professional look for the presence of asbestos, mold, and radon.
  12. Make sure the electrical system is up to par
  13. Know the potential growth of your investment