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Clean House in a Hurry

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vacuum-2116241_1920 While having friends or family over at the last minute can be a pleasant surprise, there may be times when your house isn’t guest ready. These quick cleaning tips will help you spruce up your home just in the nick of time.

Odor eliminator. Get the air moving with your HVAC, ceiling fans, open windows or all of the above. If you have some handy, pop frozen cookie dough into the oven. It’s a chemical-free way to add an appealing aroma and makes a yummy treat for guests.

Clutter bust. Grab an empty laundry basket and clear clutter. Begin with the entryway, and then focus on rooms you’ll entertain in. Clear toys and clothes that are laying on the floor. Straighten books and magazines. After your guests leave, put everything back in its proper place.

Furniture refresh. Hide stains with throws and pillows or flip the cushions.

Kitchen spiff. No dishwasher space? Rinse dirty dishes, stow in a large stockpot and hide under the sink or in a pantry. Wipe down surfaces and sweep the floor, paying close attention to spaces where crumbs, dirt and pet hair gather.

Restroom refresh. Wipe down surfaces and mirrors with disinfecting wipes. Empty the trash. Refresh the hand soap, hand towel, and toilet paper. Drop excess clutter into a bin and stash it under the sink or behind the shower curtain. Shake out the bath mat. Light a candle.

Walk this way. Vacuum the main walkways to refresh fibers and pick up lint. The vacuum lines give that freshly-cleaned look.

These tips will ensure you can enjoy company without worrying about the state of your space.

Sources: The Spruce, Real Simple

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