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Troubleshoot Your Air Conditioning

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ACrepair If your air conditioner struggles to keep up when temps hit record highs, check these common symptoms before calling for a repair.

It’s a no-go: If your air conditioner does not seem to be functioning at all, the most common culprit is a tripped circuit. Check the breaker box first.

Rooms are too warm: Check for open windows and detached or damaged weatherstripping, including around window AC units.

Air moves too slowly: AC units aren’t as efficient with dirty filters or floor registers. Filters on central units should be cleaned or replaced once a month during the summer, especially if you have pets. Floor registers should be vacuumed regularly and kept free of obstructions like furniture, plants and throw rugs.

Pan overflow: The drain pan below interior air conditioning units collects condensation, which is then drained by an electric pump. If the pan is overflowing, inspect the drainage line for kinks or blocks.

Running constantly: Ambient heat distributed by lamps and televisions near the thermostat can cause over-performance, as can sunlight falling directly on or near the thermostat or window unit. Keep blinds and shades drawn during the day to prevent your thermostat from registering a warmer temperature.

Owners manual check-in: You can usually troubleshoot many issues yourself. If you’ve misplaced the original owners manual, check the manufacturer’s website for a replacement download.

Most air conditioning problems are due to lack of regular maintenance. So save time and money with annual inspections by a qualified HVAC professional!

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