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Six Tips to Help Your Home Sell This Fall

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Adobe Spark (1)Leaves are falling, autumn is calling, and homes are popping up for sale! Fall can be a great time to list your house and settle into your dream home! Here are a few tips and tricks to set your home aside from others on the market, this fall season:

#1: Clean up the yard: First impressions count! Cut back overgrown trees and bushes and make sure they don’t cover walkways or windows. Also cut and throw dead vegetation in gardens and pots. Add a little curb appeal by placing a few mums and pumpkins by the front door.

#2: Check your HVAC: Replace your furnace filters and check over the furnace before you list this house. Make sure everything is running correctly and up to speed.

#3:  Clean your fireplace: Whether you have a gas or wood burning fireplace, they can all use a good cleaning every once in a while. Fall is a great time to do so. Once the unit is cleaned, you can utilize it during showings to make your home feel warm and inviting.

#4: Spruce up your space: Add a pop of fall color by using throw pillows and blankets in various areas. Color can warm the space and make it feel comfy/ cozy.

#5: Make some fall treats: What better way to make a house feel like home? Cook some pumpkin treats and set out for guests to enjoy. Consider setting out pumpkin spice coffee or hot apple cider too!

#6: Brighten it up: This time of year days are getting shorter, and it is important to flood rooms with warm light. Be sure to turn on lights all throughout the home before a showing! Don’t forget small spaces like closets and mud rooms.

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