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March Tech Tip: Pack Smarter With PackPoint

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How many times have you packed for a trip and arrived at your destination only to discover you forgot an essential item… or two. Buying things you already own is a waste of time and money.

PackPoint is a smartphone app that eliminates the two most prominent problems travelers experience when preparing for a trip: deciding what is essential to bring when space is at a premium and remembering to put it in your suitcase.

Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure or both, PackPoint suggests what to pack based on the length of travel and planned activities, adjusting suggestions based on the weather forecast at your destination. You even get a web link to share your list with fellow travelers, so they’ll know what to pack too!

PackPoint is free for both iOS and Android, with a premium version ($2.99) that allows you to customize packing templates and activities, as well as sync your list with TripIt and Evernote for even more productivity.