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Cash In with a Cash-Out Refinance

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Get more out of your home with a cash-out refinance!

High home values and low-interest rates have created some exciting new refinance opportunities. Don’t miss this chance to make sure your mortgage matches your financial needs.

A cash-out mortgage refinance allows you to switch into a new loan that could:

  • Remove private mortgage insurance (PMI)
  • Pay off a second mortgage or consolidate debts
  • Purchase a lake cabin or investment property
  • Make home improvements
  • Pay tuition or educational expenses
  • Satisfy a divorce settlement

Call us today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation. Together we will determine whether or not refinancing your mortgage is right for you.

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Mortgage Myths

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Are you looking to buy a home this spring, but are worried you don’t have enough for a 20% down payment?

Good news! You can put down less than 20%. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, in 2018, 72% of first-time homebuyers made a down payment of 6% or less.

Though the 20% down myth has been around a while, there are several low- and even zero-down-payment loan options on today’s market.

FHA loans, for example, allow for down payments as low as 3.5%, while some conventional loan programs offer down payments of 3-5%. For veterans and military service members, VA loans offer mortgages with zero down payment altogether. Also, if you are considering a home outside of major urban areas, a USDA home loan is a zero down payment mortgage for eligible rural and suburban homebuyers.

Don’t let a misconception about down payments keep you from purchasing a home. Give us a call today to learn more about the variety of loan options or apply online today.


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Q&A: All About Flooring — Hardwood, Carpeting, Tiling, Laminate

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flooringQUESTION: I’m thinking about installing new flooring in my home. What are some of the pros and cons of the most popular flooring types?

ANSWER: Choosing the flooring in your home is an important decision, but since several flooring types exist, making a decision can be difficult. Hardwood flooring is both highly attractive and durable. However, hardwood flooring needs frequent maintenance and can warp.

Carpet is a great flooring option if you want something inexpensive that feels great underfoot. However, carpet floorings are also vulnerable to stains and wear out relatively quickly compared to other floors.

Tile is beneficial because it has a long lifespan, is available in several styles, and is simple to clean. Tile floors can be more challenging to install, can break over time, and require regular grout cleaning.

Laminate floors offer a low-cost, easy installation and standard pre-finish. However, these floors are vulnerable to moisture damage and can’t be refinished.

Source: U.S. News & World Report Real Estate

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Tip: 3 Foolproof Social Media Marketing Tips

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The social media scene can be overwhelming. When you’re implementing social media in your marketing strategy, it helps to know where to start. As more and more consumers turn toward social media for company reviews, information, and questions, it becomes one of the most effective ways to get in front of potential home buyers.

  • Choose the right platform. Should you focus on Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Pinterest? Not every platform will work for every business type and brand messaging. You should choose based on what your customers are using, and a platform you feel comfortable utilizing.
  • Get comfortable. Once you decide between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform, you’ll need to be comfortable engaging your customers. You will need to interact with your client base on a regular basis. This means engaging at all levels, including regular posting, responding to comments, and answering questions.
  • Learn how to optimize. Using social media will not guarantee results. You’ll need to learn how to optimize your strategy. Always use a real and professional photo so your clients can make that human connection and you can begin to build trust. Also, link to your website and make contact information readily available.

Optimizing your social media profiles, choosing the right platforms, and consistently posting and engaging with your client base are all critical tips to follow to get the most out of your social media marketing.

Sources: Forbes, mConnexions

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Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Holiday Dinner

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wonderful-christmas-dinner-table-setting-picjumbo-comThe holidays are right around the corner and for many, that means gathering with family and loved ones. If you’re hosting a holiday dinner this year, it may be easy to feel stressed or overwhelmed – especially if it’s your first time hosting. However, with good organization and a clear plan, you can make this upcoming holiday meal as stress-free as possible.

  1. The first step towards a stress-free holiday gathering is to plan ahead. Before the decorations go up and the grocery shopping starts, sit down and put together a plan. How do you want your home to be decorated? What recipes do you plan on cooking and what ingredients do you need for each? Are there any dietary restrictions in your family you need to work around? What should you make ahead of time and what needs to be made the day of?
  2. Once you have your plan loosely organized, it’s time to start putting everything together. Stock up on any pantry items you’ll need beforehand so that you’re just getting perishables when it comes time for the final shopping trip. Put together any decorations in advance for easy set-up on the day of. Get your deep cleaning done a week before your big feast and just touch it up before your guests arrive.

By pre-planning and staying organized, you can eliminate a lot of the holiday stress. With a clean home and all the supplies you need on hand, day-of prep can take as little as an hour or two, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the company of your family and loved ones.


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